About Us

With over €4 million funding from Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, EU grants and industry to-date, the Lero@NUIGalway research group offers unparalleled expertise to academia, industry and policy makers.

Engagement and Impact

A core activity is the researcher-industry knowledge exchange. These exchanges take place every three months and provide evidence-based insights on software implementation and management issues. This enables Lero @ NUI Galway to create tangible research outcomes that are immediately applicable to organisation settings. The team works with SMEs including Lumension, SourceDogg and Information Mosaic – and multinationals like Cisco, HP and Intel – to deliver solutions to software agility issues.
Lero@NUIGalway In Cisco, for example, they have applied modern lean approaches and metrics with teams around the world, uncovering inefficiencies and improving overall team and organisational effectiveness. To help improve industry decision-making, they have examined the use of decision quality indicators and the optimisation of data presentation for effective decision-making. The feedback to industry has resulted in better quality decisions and greater efficiencies during the decision-making process.

Cross-Cutting Research

Lero@NUIGalway Information Systems is still a relatively young field with research examining the application of technology and its impact across broad aspects of social and business value. This means that rich collaborations are possible with medicine, science, engineering as well as mainstream management.

Lero@NUIGalway As funding agencies look increasingly towards collaborative funding programmes with tangible commercialisation outputs, Lero @ NUI Galway is uniquely positioned given its size, scale and complimentary skillsets for meaningful collaboration with University partners, Industry and funding agencies.

Research-Led Teaching

Lero @ NUI Galway take an integrated approach to teaching and research. The MSc. in Cloud Computing draws heavily from research led by Dr. Tom Acton and Trevor Clohessy and was shortlisted in three categories in the GradIreland Graduate Recruitment awards 2014